Wednesday, April 15, 2009

pics, pics and more pics!

Hi, it's me, your inconsistent blogger. Sheesh! My sister really gave me the once over about it recently "what about the grandparents? they need to see more of ella and you have this great outlet to provide them with pics and stories of your adventures, etc, etc..." (those were not her exact words, but you get the gist.) I defensively thought, "I'm too busy." Bottom line is that she is right and I'll try to continue putting things up, as consistently as I am able.

It is funny, but before going through the pics on my camera for this blog, I knew which ones I wanted: our play date on the capital lawn with a bunch of friends on Monday and dinner/play date with Rowan last night and today's play date with Sammy...but I hadn't taken any pictures of these events. I feel like my mind is overloaded with snapshots of all our adventures, but I only document a tiny fraction. It made me sad for a bit, but also thankful that we are so blessed with good times that it would be impossible to capture them all. Here is the pick of the litter:

A recent rainy day:

Fun time with Joshua and Tabby when they got to come over one Friday morning recently:

Aunt Charley and Ella at one of the Friday noon concerts at Austin City Hall. These are sooooo much fun and happen every Friday during the Spring and Fall here. We pack a picnic, throw down a blanket and dance to the music. It is a blast! Uncle David was at this one, too, though not pictured.

Enchilada FACE! Los Tios with Aunt Anna and Uncle Joe. We LOVE this place and Aunt Anna and Uncle Joe spoiled us by fighting over the bill. Thanks, it was YUMMY!!!!

Hanging out with Uncle Pat (the ONE and ONLY), Uncle Joe, Aunt Anna and Great Grandma Rosie. We tried to put out eggs for Ella to gather in her basket, but she just liked roaming around the property....she has her own idea of fun.

Mugging for the camera.

Picking Strawberries at Froberg's Farm in Alvin with Nana, Juanita, Aunt Erika, baby John, Nancy, Luis and Maria.

Eating fried apple pie during a break at Froberg's.

The homemade strawberry pie that Nana made with our handpicked berries...YUM!

Bedtime stories with Nana:

Play date with Cooper and Chloe. Cooper had a giant mug in EVERY pic I took. I love that kid! ...and his beautiful 'lil sis, too.

Working on her one of her Easter gifts from momma and dada (phone from a thrift store to be installed in her play house)

We had dinner with Aunt Charley and Uncle David on Easter. Uncle David hid the eggs and Charley and Ella hunted them. Ella started just pointing at eggs for Aunt Charley to retrieve and place in her basket. She has it too good!

I only regret not taking more pics when I think about things like my brother Nick hiding Easter eggs for Ella and making her a special basket and I don't have one pic to show for it. It was the sweetest thing and it keeps me reminded that we are so blessed to have our circle of family and friends. They are all special to us and if taking time to post a few pics brings a smile to their heart, I will keep trying to bring these updates. Love you, Elizabeth