Thursday, February 3, 2011

A midweek all girls roadtrip to Houston

Girl trip (Aunt Charley, Ella, Juliet and myself) to visit Great Grandma Rosie commenced on Tuesday, just in time for the "arctic blast" which made things a little more challenging for our hostess. We made the most of it and enjoyed every second with mine and Charley's Grandma Rosie (she is Great Grandma to the girls). Wednesday we hit up the Children's Museum which was super-duper awesome! We had been a few times when Ella was little and just crawling around the "tot spot", but this time she got to partake in all the big-kiddo stuff and we couldn't pull her away from Kidtropolis where she enjoyed being a vet, grocery store clerk, chef and an artist! If I were between the ages of 3 and 12, I'm pretty sure I would ask my mom if I could LIVE there. Here are a couple of museum day pics:

Pics from our "slumber party", as Ella referred to it, below. It was a party simply because Ella, Juliet and Aunt Charley were all sporting footy-pajamas.
D-Bear and Charlene playing.

Great Grandma and Aunt Anna through Ella's eyes (lens):

Beautiful pic of Aunt Anna. Ella artistically requested that she remove her glasses prior to the shoot. (hmmm?)

Last, but not least, Juliet soaking up kisses from Great Grandma. I totally thought she was going to fall asleep while receiving loads of these kisses. She couldn't get enough of G.G.'s love!
Our trip was a complete success! Ella went home with her Nana and Juliet is counting the minutes until she arrives home on Saturday. (me, too)