Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mom Fail

As a mom I expected to teach and nurture my children...daily, hourly, even by the minute, but I hadn't realized how much I'd learn about myself in the process. God is funny that way. I'd really rather show my children the specs to avoid getting in their eyes, but that plank o' mine gets in the way and then here I am, working on ME again. I'm thankful to be clay in His hands and not the world's . I'm thankful that the world makes me feel icky and uncomfortable and like I don't fit in all the time. I'm thankful to be a Christian. I'm thankful that even when I make mistakes, God forgives me and has a bigger and better plan than I could have ever imagined.

I ran across this photo below while trying to locate a few cutie pics of the girls (which are in great abundance and make me feel overwhelmed trying to choose just the right one). I was attempting to grab an image from far away of Ella running with a couple of her guy friends, but what I got was a giant statue of a nude, sunbathing woman. MOM FAIL.

Before you start with the questions, we were at a sculpture museum that houses mainly statues of children and animals. Culture, people, CULTURE.

This is more like it. My sweeties first thing in the morning with their Uncle Spencer:

God is good!