Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The past two weeks...

I've got some catching up to do, not just on this blog, but around the house, too. Our A/C went out the Friday before last and it took a week for us to get a new one installed. Am I complaining? No Way!!! I feel so blessed that we were able to get a new A/C and we are getting our house "weatherized" on top of that. It is all a part of Austin's Green Energy program. ANOTHER reason to LOVE living in Austin. Don't get me wrong, they are not giving us anything, but they did provide us with a 5-year, no interest loan which made it all possible. We are also going to have a city inspector come and review the work before and after to ensure it is done correctly...that is priceless! In addition to the A/C, we are getting a radiant barrier in the attic, our current insulation brought up to code, new attic ventilation and our existing duct work repaired to 100%! We can't wait until it is all completed (estimated a few weeks, at least).

During the week without A/C our routine became dinner & sleeping at Aunt Charley and Uncle David's (THANKS YOU GUYS!), play-dates at Miss Lindsay's with Joshua and Tabitha, including lunch & nap time (THANKS YOU GUYS!) and trying to come home to pack up and put food together for the following day. It is always a terrible feeling to be displaced, but Ella really did well..no fussing or complaining. Here is a pic of our impromptu dinner outside before the humidity set in the first weekend:

A popsicle for dessert:

Dinner turned into a party when the neighbor kids stopped by. Luckily we had enough popsicles to share:

Note: Our adventure without A/C is nothing compared to the lack of electricity and running water that our families are currently experiencing in the Houston Area. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and the millions of others affected by Ike.

Some pics from a picnic w/ Zach at his work:

Pre-bath ritual "water falleth from the ceiling":

Play-date with the Sam-ster:

Too fun: my friend Amy and her little girl Rowan (only 1 1/2 months older than Ella!) invited us to a bar downtown for a dance party for littles. The idea is hilarious to me. It was at Momo's where I've Zach and I have seen some pretty crazy bands in the past. They had shakers and hula-hoops with ribbons for the kids to play with on the dance floor and a DJ on a laptop. The whole scene just cracked me up. The bar was open with everything from juice for the littles and cocktails for the big ones. We didn't partake, but at least it was an option if things got out of hand...

Rowan, pretty in pink:

Ella, dancing:

Rowan and Ella, a little obsessed with the shakers:

Ella, straight hording the shakers:

We've been enjoying the cool morning air at the park this week. Here is a pic from yesterday morning..look! she is wearing pants! It is THAT cool!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An old friend.

Ella and I enjoy doing most things together, but she cannot stand one of the things I really, really LOVE to do...thrift shopping. I love picking through trash to find my treasure and I always find some treasure. I attempted to go several months ago, juggling her in one arm and sliding hangers at rapid fire pace with the other hand. I left with clothes with holes that didn't fit correctly because I couldn't maintain her and check/try on my finds. It was so disappointing!

Well, yesterday was a Holiday..YAY!..so Zach was home and I decided not to work, either. This was a big day because we were able to get lots of quality family time, do all the yard work, share breakfast, lunch and dinner together AND I got to squeeze in some thrift shopping/gardening during their nap. I went to the one just around the corner. It is big enough to spend a whole day, but I knew to use my time wisely b/c I was working with an hour..give or take. Due to the Holiday everything..EVERYTHING was 1/2 off! Double Score!!! I waltzed out with 3 shirts, 2 skirts and a dress for under $15 bucks! Two of the items still contained their original tags and a couple were vintage-y. I'm washing my new wardrobe today because I can't wait to wear my new finds.

The moral of this story...don't wait too long to do something you LOVE. It was worth the effort to sneak out when I found the opportunity.