Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An old friend.

Ella and I enjoy doing most things together, but she cannot stand one of the things I really, really LOVE to do...thrift shopping. I love picking through trash to find my treasure and I always find some treasure. I attempted to go several months ago, juggling her in one arm and sliding hangers at rapid fire pace with the other hand. I left with clothes with holes that didn't fit correctly because I couldn't maintain her and check/try on my finds. It was so disappointing!

Well, yesterday was a Holiday..YAY!..so Zach was home and I decided not to work, either. This was a big day because we were able to get lots of quality family time, do all the yard work, share breakfast, lunch and dinner together AND I got to squeeze in some thrift shopping/gardening during their nap. I went to the one just around the corner. It is big enough to spend a whole day, but I knew to use my time wisely b/c I was working with an hour..give or take. Due to the Holiday everything..EVERYTHING was 1/2 off! Double Score!!! I waltzed out with 3 shirts, 2 skirts and a dress for under $15 bucks! Two of the items still contained their original tags and a couple were vintage-y. I'm washing my new wardrobe today because I can't wait to wear my new finds.

The moral of this story...don't wait too long to do something you LOVE. It was worth the effort to sneak out when I found the opportunity.

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The Littles said...

thankfully Lorelai is a good sport when it comes to my two loves...garage sale-ing and antique shopping!