Saturday, May 30, 2009

We are THOSE parents...

Ella gets dirty...I mean REAL dirty. We don't stop her. If I do attempt to stop her it only ends in my frustration and her still being dirty. I do get the bug to keep her clean occasionally, but like I said before, I end up mad and she is still dirty and happy. Here is my *newly* two year old in action:

getting clean, singing and rubbing her hiney on the edge of the tub:

I don't know if Steph believed me when I said Ella would ride her little people princess carriage around the house, but here she is:

Getting dirty enjoying a cold watermelon treat:

Train ride at Houston Zoo (trip sponsored by Nana and Grandpa), this is post car nap and before the Zoo adventure:

Getting dirty/clean in the water at the Zoo. Other kiddos' parents would run their children past this exhibit with their hair tucked up neatly in cute bows and their boutique dresses flowing in the breeze....not us. Dirty snow cone followed soon after the drenching:

Ella and her Daddy at the Zoo:

Ella laying her head down during lunch after a long morning of fun with Rowan, who calls herself "Ro-Ro":

Ella and Ro-Ro during one of our three weekly play dates:

I know, not so many pictures filled with a filthy kiddo, but it happens...everyday. I guess I choose not to pull out the camera during those special moments. We've resorted to afternoon naked pool time in the back yard to combat the pile of filthy laundry that I was collecting.

Updates: my sister is graduating high school next week! Ella takes swimming lessons...wha!? More fun time with Nana, Grandpa, Mimi and Papa.


Granna said...

Yea for the pictures (dirty child or not) and post. She's cute either way! The afternoon skinny dip is a great idea (at this age anyway). :)

Lindsay said...

There's just no getting around the dirty kid thing. Usually, by the time Brad get's home from work Tilly is in just a diaper and Jack is down to his undies. I somehow manage to keep my clothes on. And I don't know if you've noticed Elizabeth, but your little Ella looks like a BIG girl, especially in the last picture. Love all the pics, hope to see yall when you come down.

The Meurers said...

I love your dirty kid! She looks so big in that second pic...she's growing up too quickly!