Monday, October 27, 2008

Pre-Halloween Weekend

I hope everyone else is taking advantage of the cooler temps outside.

Friday night the new "urban" neighborhood down the street held an outdoor showing of Casper (newer version with Christina Richie). Tons of families came out to enjoy a picnic dinner and let the kiddos run free on the lawn before the flick:

Ella and her dad:

Making friends:

Rolling around on our blanket, under another blanket:

Me, attempting to get a pic of Ella and I together but ended up with this instead:

Ella, chilaxing with a glow-stick and some animal crackers (why are they called crackers? they are totally COOKIES!):

Saturday we went to the Arbor Day tree planting for the city which was hosted at our local park. No pics. I felt a little bad because we went to play, but there was a call out for volunteers. There were plenty of people so the guilt subsided quickly.

Sunday we attended a UT sponsored Halloween festival for staff/faculty families. It was soooo much fun. We got to see some of Zach's co-workers with their children and play some games, too. They had two stages set up, one for performances which ran pretty consistently with everything from troupes of girls hip-hop dancing to a cool drum performance. The other stage had a mad scientist (professor) conducting crazy experiments with little volunteers. There was plenty of candy for all. Ella even sat through getting a star painted on her cheek!

Ella, convincing her dad to ditch his nap for the party:

Fishin' for candy:

Our little flower ran into Snow White AND Cinderella at the party:

Ella is a flower this Halloween. My girlfriend and I made the costumes for our girls together. Kudos to Martha for these no-sew gems.

Ella has become quite the celebrity the past few days. She was filmed at the movie screening to appear ? and then a photog asked to follow her around at the UT event to possibly appear in the Daily Texan. If her mug doesn't appear anywhere, I think she can live with our own growing file of pics her dad is archiving. I'm pretty sure she'll never be interested enough in herself to sit down and view the thousands we have collected to date...maybe HER kids will want to see them someday...


The Meurers said...

Ella is a LOVELY flower!!! Can't wait to see you guys Wednesday and take lots of Ella and Sammy pics! Will and Sammy were sorry to miss you guys at the Arbor Day festivities, but my family decided last minute to come into town. It was fun and busy!

Oh, and they are so totally cookies :)

TX Mommy said...

Thanks for sending me your blog, I love it. Ella is absolutely beautiful.

Leanda said...

I can't believe you made her costume!!! It looks so awesome. Great job!