Saturday, November 1, 2008

PICS! w/ minimal commentary, Part 1

Dinner at The Meurers Three on Wednesday. Kudos to Heidi for the delicisouso chili and beer bread...YUM!

Ella, not so sure about this Haunted House thing:

Ella, on the keyboard:

Sammy and Ella...IN THE SAME FRAME..shocking!

Sammy, charging down the hallway with the biggest smile EVER:

Halloween morning, carving the pumpkin:

During, Ella and Gizmo fight over the innards~

Done, It was inspired by Gizmo since he was hanging around us the whole time. I even tacked on some foam ears to complete the transformation, but they aren't shown here in this pic:

1 comment:

The Meurers said...

Your pumpkin looks amazing! I'm jealous of your carving know-how!