Saturday, November 1, 2008

PICS, w/ minimal commentary, Part 2

Halloween, mid-morning, a visit to Aunt Charley's work:

Ella, waiting impatiently for Aunt Charley to wrap up behind the counter and come visit, even though she has a pizza pretzel and her very own cup of water with a straw!

Aunt Charley as Sally from Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas":

Halloween photo op with the Villas:
Ella, begging to not have to pose for pics~

Ella, content to pose with a sucker : ) Joshua is Handy Manny and Tabby and Ella are both flowers!

Halloween, time for Trick or Treating with the O'Baughs. Here is everyone exiting their house to hit the streets. Notice there are no children besides Ella in any of my photos. They were waaaay to fast pre- and post- sugar. It was all I could to to keep up with my 1, but we stayed with our group of about 10 kiddos:

Ella, running with reckless abandon from house to house. Here she is pushing an adult out of her way:

Taking stock of her inventory:

Professing her love of Trick or Treating:

Where to next?

More running! This is the main view I had of her all night:


TX Mommy said...

I love all the pics. It looks like Ella had a blast and she was so cute in her flower costume.

The Meurers said...

Ella is beautiful! Glad you guys had a great night!

Leanda said...

Ella looks adorable!