Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Me 'n L'Ella

So, we've been a little sicky. Not for long, but long enough. Today has been our recovery day and tomorrow we plan to have some play-date fun...and the next day, too. Here are some catch up pics from New Year's Eve and in between then and now:

This one was snapped while watching Austin's First Night Parade. Ella was dancing and she even yelled "Come Back!" to a hool-a-hooper who had been hooping in front of us until the parade started moving again. The parade was so cool because it was sooooo arsty-fartsy. None of my photos are ready because they are too dark and Zach is gonna have to work his photo-shop magic on them so they are visible to the human eye.

After the parade, across the street from the Paramount Theatre:

My beverage of choice for New Year's Eve was hot coffee poured over cold homemade vanilla Blue Bell ice cream. I think Juliette Binoche drank this in Bleu, one of the French Three Colours Trilogy films. I am no critic, but 'twas good. (Note: I'm sure the one in the movie used espresso and some other creamery besides our own local Blue Bell)

Ella feeding D-Bear her apple slices. According to Zach, Ella is also trying to teach "D" to walk by standing him up and telling him "Walk!". He, unfortunately, is a bit slow to pick up these fundamentals that Ella is teaching.

Ella and her "D".

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The Meurers said...

Ok, I am seriously missing Ella SO MUCH. Looking forward to our play date tomorrow! Also, Sammy has a "D" too; that's what he calls my dad (short for "Dida"). So, Sammy and Ella can get together and discuss their respective D's. And your coffee/ice cream concoction sounds delicious. They have a similar drink in Croatia called "Ice Cafe," that consists of espresso, LOTS of ice cream, and whipped cream. Needless to say, it is meant to be shared. But I could easily find room for it myself :)