Sunday, February 1, 2009

Date Night with burgers and lots o' BSS!

WARNING! This post contains no pics of Ella, though they are soon to come.

WOW! I must have been good this past year because karma came back around and slapped me with a good one...scratch that...GREAT ONE! Zach and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary this past November. We had tentatively planned a show and dinner and then backed out on our sitter (my sister) at the last second...too cold...too tired...some combo. Anywho, we saw that one of our favorite bands Broken Social Scene would be playing Bass Concert Hall. Great show + AMAZING newly renevated venue = SUPER FUN, right? Tickets would be pricey, but we would save our pennies and enjoy a night out. So, I buy the tickets...late. Bad seats? They were in the back of the first balcony so they wouldn't be the "greatest", but it is a concert hall so you have a decent view from every seat. Well, two days before the show I get a call, I actually missed it, but they left a message on my machine saying "stop by and exchange your tickets when you get to the show, you are on the orchestra (floor) level". Cool. Didn't think much of it, but it sounded fine to me.

Last night, the sitter (my sister) comes by and we are frazzled after having left D-Bear (the only "can't live without" item in our home and Ella's prized possession) at the park...down south...after a playdate with our friends Shannon, Aryn and their neice Zoey. YIKES! I'm hungry and my night is diving towards disaster! Zach says, "I'll go get him and you get ready". I can do that and so I did. "D" was retrieved, though a little off the beaten path from where we remembered seeing him last. It is possible that he made friends with a dog for a bit.

Ok, back on schedule: 6 pm and we have time to grab a burger and be early for the show to exchange our tickets. We go to Burger Tex where I get my fave veggie burger on a homemade wheat roll, extra BBQ sauce and no less than 20 jalapenos..YUM! w/ fried okra...uh, can substitute it for the fries! Zach grabbed a 4 oz burger with pepper jack cheese and the tasty house fries. We thoroughly enjoyed dinner and left for the show a little before 7 pm, show started at 8. We find free parking around UT and enjoy the brisk walk in cool weather to Bass Hall.

There are students passing out fliers for an after party for UT students with DJ's and we get snubbed...don't we look young enough to be a Master's student, at least? A little hurt (not that we would have stayed for the after party nor did it require the flier) we stumbled inside to exchange tickets. These GOLDEN tickets(litterally) said "A 1 seats 119 and 120". "A 1" sounded pretty good to us, though we could not yet imagine. We had a drink at the bar and walked through the many levels of lobby while gazing out of the building's glass facade towards downtown. When we took our seats about 40 minutes later we were in SHOCK! "A 1" meant down in the front and seats 119 and 120 were smack dab in the center!!!!!!! Wha?! I smiled and waved for the non-existent candid camera. I do have to clarify that we technically had 3 rows in front of us, but I would still have considered our seats the VERY BEST IN THE WHOLE PLACE.

Lymbyc System opened the show and it was a nice calm Stars of the Lid'sy performance (though a little more raw) before BSS. We really were stoked about our seats. BSS rocked for 3 hours! The lead singer complained of having a touch of the flu, which I'm sure we caught due to our seats being about 10 feet from him. They played some of my favorite older tunes in combination with the new good stuff and some of the band members' side project work, which we are also fans of. Everything they touch is GOLD and we knew that going in. It was midnight before we left the Hall and headed home to our sleeping little. I have no pictures because I was sure that they wouldn't let us in with a camera...WRONG-O. Everyone had a camera. I caught a couple on my phone, but it is really a phone and not good for pics, especially show conditions. I'm searching for some photos of the show to link to, but I don't see anything online yet.

For those of you going to the Houston show...HAVE FUN!


The Meurers said...

Your date night sounds so fun! Glad the seats were perfect and that D-bear was found :) Oh, and also, we've never eaten at Burger Tex but have been dying to try it...and, yeah, now we DEFINITELY will.

lvilla said...

That is so wonderful that you two got to spend time together. Glad your evening was even better than expected.