Monday, January 31, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls and Sammy

We love hanging out with Sammy and Miss Heidi. They are the perfect combination of fabulous food and fun! Last week's play date began at Upper Crust Bakery over the BEST, flakiest, buttery, cinnamon-y, yummiest, rolls. K, I like them and you will notice they are not pictured because they were completely devoured prior to these pics. Here is Ella and Sammy goofing off together while Miss Heidi and I attempt to catch up on current events since our last food/fun fest the week prior. Love, love, LOVE these pics!
Please note: If you are thinking either, A:why didn't you focus on Sammy in the background or B:cool effect focusing on Ella in the foreground I have to advise that I allow my camera complete creative control b/c I really don't pretend to know the first thing about photo-magic

awwwww, I know! I would say I captured a sweet moment between these two except that Sammy is ALWAYS this amazingly sweet with little Juliet.

noticing a trend?

Sammy trying so hard to ride his bike. He did awesome!
Ack!!! No pics of glowing Miss Heidi and her burgeoning belly. Next time!
Wha!? Yeah. Zach and Ella had a photo shoot where D was their subject. Ella held the flashlight just so as Zach played with exposure times to capture the image in the otherwise dark room. The effect is a D that looks a little dead, but don't fret because he is still very much apart of our family ; )

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