Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spring-time fun in the winter

Juliet has really taken to the swings at the park. Thanks to Mimi and Papa we now have one in the backyard, as well. In between pushing Juliet, Ella and I like to play "supergirl" where she rides the swing on her belly to save me from a series of unfortunate events that land me in the hospital. Thankfully, the slide enables her to carry me safely to the doctor.

Juliet tries bananas!

Juliet doesn't really like bananas so we are just gonna put solid foods on hold. This is GREAT news on the diaper-ing front ; )

Brook-E is in town with her little Abby. They are a couple of our FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! They live in Cali so we don't get to enjoy their company as much as we'd like to. We have been soaking up every moment of their visit this week. Thursday we rode the Zilker Zephyr (Juliet's first train ride!) and then devoured some cheese steaks at Texadelphia. I'm sad I didn't bring my camera, but I'm sure it would have been ruined in a sea of mustard sauce anyway so it was for the best. Here are some pics or our antics on UT campus with the girls yesterday. Stephanie, Peyton and Aunt Charley were in the mix, too. We are having a ball!

Steph with Peyton, Abby and Juliet. Abby needs to hold Juliet every so often.

Juliet in my lap teething on a carrot. No teeth, yet.

LOVE this one!

Abby "falling down". She would fall and lay posed on the ground for nearly a minute. It was so cute!

The girls diving into a snack bag for dried cranberries in our 30-minute pre-picnic snack session. These girls like to EAT! (like their mommas)

Peyton and Ella perched on the limb of an ancient oak on UT grounds under which we were picnic-ing.

Brook-E (that is not how you spell her name, BTW, but that is how I pronounce it so I spell it that way) and the girls in front of the massively wonderful fountain right by Zach's work and next to our picnic spot. Yes, Zach joined us for lunch!

The girls were able to do some serious exploring around the campus.

It is true that there is not enough Ella pictured here. All of our paparazzi ways have taken a toll on her and she is a little camera shy (fingers crossed this is just a phase). She refused to play ring around the rosies after I pulled out the camera. She has been really funny like that and I can't help thinking she is just becoming a little more shy and reserved as she is getting older. She enjoys sitting with the moms and just listening to our conversations. It is cracking me up. I'm also beginning to see glimpses into the thoughtful, considerate person she is going to be.
ACK!!!!! As I was typing this Juliet just rolled over for the VERY FIRST TIME next to Zach and Ella. I've been pleading with her to roll over for a few days because she has been on the cusp of doing it. I wouldn't be surprised if you read a crawling post very soon because this girl has some moves. More on that later and definitely a post packed with Ella pics to come!

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