Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth of July..and Fifth!

So, Friday was a fun day. We had a few friends over for hot dogs and homemade ice cream. The exotic dog of the day award went to the salmon weiners brought by my sister and brother-in-law. They said they tasted just like......a hot dog....smothered with all the fixin's of course. It was warm and at times, down right hot. Ella and her friend Rowan found a great way to cool off together:

There was the wacky sprinkler and froggie swimming pools also available for the the shade. I don't have pics of those things, but I'll have to ask my sis because there is a good chance she has some : )

Today we were able to wind down in the luxurious estate of our friends Eric and Shannon. They have a REAL POOL! Here are some pics of Ella enjoying being the only shorty and getting all the attention:

Shannon is playing with Ella in this pic:

Overall, my pics are crummy (the watermelon shot being excluded as that was actually taken by Rowan's daddy, Sean) and don't reflect how much fun we've had the last couple of days. On our way home from our friends today we surprised Aunt Charley at work which was fun. We made it home in time to grab a late dinner and bath and squeak into bed just an hour late. Tomorrow....HARRIS'S BIRTHDAY PARTY! He is 4. I will have to do better with the pics.

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