Sunday, July 6, 2008

We are PAR-TAY'd out!

Harris turned 4 on Thursday, but we celebrated this milestone with him and lots of other rug-rats today. There was plenty of grilled meat and water splashing to go around. Here are some pics of the "kids" in the pool:

Ella wanting to get in on the action:

Ella and her new friend Caleb with a MOHAWK: (he was soooooo sweet and sooooo cute!)

Ella could scale this vertical ladder in about 30 seconds flat. Of course, Dad was a spotter just in case....

Ella and I crashed on the couch as soon as we made it home:

The end of our action packed 3-day weekend? NO WAY!!! Our overnight guests have arrived...YAY! Great Grandma Rosie and Great Grandpa Steve are here and have even agreed to accompany us to the playground first thing in the morning : )

Here is Ella eating up all of the attention that Great Grandma could dish out..and a little ice cream:

With that I am going to bed! 9:30 pm and still enough time for a good night's rest.


The Littles said...

I love the picture of yall asleep on the couch! I know those are the moments I'm going to miss the most. Way too often I'll go in Lorelai's room after she's asleep and pick her up and rock her.

The Meurers said...

Great pictures! Sounds like you guys had a busy weekend. And Ella looks so adorable in her little pink swimsuit! I'm glad we could see you all Friday; I have a bunch of cute pics of Ella and Zach. I'll have to send you a few...

Lindsay said...

I just want to pinch Ella's little hiney. She is TOO cute!