Tuesday, July 1, 2008

24 hours with NANA!

On Friday when Ella heard that Nana would be in town Sunday afternoon, she got so excited that she started to walk and hasn't stopped. Here are some pics from their time together:

Sharing a popsicle just before bath time

On the Zilker Zephyr

Nana counting toes

Enjoying lunch at Mi Madres

it was lip-smacking good

If we can squeeze this much fun into just 24 hours, imagine the possibilities for our July mini-cation with the Grandparents. We can't wait!!


The Meurers said...

The Zilker Zephyr looks like a blast; I bet Sammy would love that! How much does a ride cost?

the bow lady said...

...and who wouldn't love time with "sweet melissa"..she makes a great Nana! Your little girl gets cuter every time I visit the blog :)