Sunday, January 23, 2011

Picture Post!!

Forgive the volume, but I had some catching up to do from the past couple of weeks.
Ramsey Park on a frosty morning, thus requiring Ella to keep her hands in her pockets:

Brunch hosted by Miss Heather in honour of Brook-E's visit (not pictured is the martha stewart-esque spread of goodies she had arranged for us):

Our last playdate with Brook-E and Abby during their nearly week-long visit! This time we hit up the bounce house place called "Locomotion!". Abby working the register:

I love this pic for two reasons: first, Ella is loading her basket with french bread as quickly as she can and I know that when she is an adult and does her own grocery shopping she will do this very thing. Second, Peyton reminds me of her purdy mommy by multitasking. She is A)ROCKING a pink princess dress, B)caring for a sick puppy from the "vet" and C)getting a little grocery shopping done.

Why is Juliet smiling so big?

I think it has something to do with this lovely, skinny jean wearing girl:

Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake + oreo cookie crust. This is how we roll when celebrating a special birthday for our friend Heidi (not pictured).

I had to include this picture because this is how Juliet has looked much of the past couple of weeks: total concentration on trying to crawl forward, but inevitably propelling herself backwards and a little snotty.

Ella riding her super duper pink, with pink frosting big girl bike!

Juliet's grin of approval while watching her big sister successfully maneuver her bike:

My beautiful Ella:

SPARKLERS!!! (they were included in Christmas gifts from Griff and MawChing!)

Friday fun days with Aunt Charley! (this will be a reoccurring series : )

Aunt Charley took Ella to pick out and paint a gift for Zach's upcoming birthday. I can't reveal the finished product, but Ella did an amazing job. She got to pick the colors and even some stamps to use to decorate the "item". Many of the stamps were things Zach would like: football helmet and a rocket ship, but the funniest choice had to be the high heel shoe stamp. She had complete creative control.

Ella preparing to devour her "bling pop". I poured some apple flavored pedialite into the gem-shaped popsicle maker and wha-la! This made getting better quickly a little easier. (another gift from Griff and MawChing)

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Heidi said...

Love the pictures and your beautiful girls! Also, that cheesecake was amazing and I love you.