Monday, May 26, 2008

Bad Blogger

The summer season has put some zing in our calendar of events. Ella and I have been so busy that it is difficult to remember the camera in the frenzy, much less sit down and look at what we've snapped together. Play dates with Joshua and Tabitha and even a recent visit to our newest tiny neighbor Samuel! We were so lucky that our small friend Collin came and visited and we were able to grill and chill with his mom and dad, along with Lyndsay and her family. We did Barton Springs two times this week! Ella loves the frigid water, even though I have to warm up to it a bit. We are hitting the trail a couple mornings a week with the park as our destination of choice. Aunt Charley is squeezing us in her busy schedule at least twice a week : ) We love spending time with her out and about. We are looking forward to Zach's family reunion this weekend and Uncle Nick's high school graduation and blow out party the next. It is all very exciting and the double dose of vitamin D from the sun keeps our wheels spinning.

We have one small hurdle and that is Ella's MRI scheduled for first thing Wednesday (yep, day after tomorrow). We are going in to make sure her surgery at 2 months old was a true success and to ease concerns of any future complications. It wouldn't be so bad, but she has to be put under, IV and all. Zach and I will be together at the hospital and will be sure to report as soon as she is done. We get the official Neurologist's report next week at our visit, but I will feel great once the anesthesia part is over. I just don't like it and neither does Ella. This is all very confusing to a newly 1 year old.

Ok, summer updates and pictures will be added soon. I thought I should just drop a line about what us girls have been doing lately since I haven't been posting at all.


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The Littles said...

poor sweet ella! We will be thinking of yall tomorrow morning and saying a prayer for all of you.