Thursday, May 8, 2008

Date Night

I have to talk about last night because it was the first real date Zach and I have been on in well over a year! Aunt Charley was gracious enough to babysit, even though that consisted of sleeping on the sofa while Ella slept, too.

We knew it was gonna be a late night because we had a shmancy dinner and a show on our plate and we did not leave the house until 9 pm (my usual shut down time). We went to vespaio, compliments of our friends Justin and Whitney who bestowed us with a VERY GENEROUS gift certificate. So generous we were able to indulge on a three course meal, with drinks! Everything was delicious and the candlelit atmosphere really made it special. This gave us some time to talk and I didn't realize how few uninterrupted moments we really share because we had so much to talk about. We started off with a couple glasses of wine and some calamari for an appetizer. Zach chose a salmon entree that was offered as one of their many daily specials and I had a pasta stuffed with butternut squash smothered in a brown sage butter w/ walnuts and parmigiano reggiano cheese...magnific! I forgot my camera and have no pics of these succulent dishes so you'll just have to make the trip to take it all in.

We left the restaurant around 11 pm and made the short trek to the Alamo Drafthouse on 6th street (our first visit at it's new Ritz location) to see the Stars of the Lid show that we have had tickets to for months. The ambient music was so relaxing I found myself taking much of it in with my eyes closed.

Our adventure downtown included all the regular kooky characters: a couple friendly homeless men walked us to the show and shared some good conversation, there was a "swat" team breaking up a cat fight on the street where we walked out of the show and a short punk kid was trying to fight people in their cars and a few frat guys on the sidewalk right next to us. We made it home at the crack of 2:30 AM!!!! I believe that I was breastfeeding the last time I saw that on a clock.

Anywho, the sleep deprivation I am battling today was well worth the event and I am looking forward to many more dating adventures with my Honey.

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