Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Part II: PAR-TAY! Saturday, May 10th

Wow! The day was a whirl-wind of activity. Zach and I put the finishing touches on everything from the lawn to food just minutes before our first out-of-town guests arrived. Nana, Grandpa, Uncle Spencer and Aunt Erika arrived first with cupcakes for the party...so good! Great Grandma Rosie, Great Aunt Anna and Great Uncle Pat followed shortly thereafter and then the flood gates opened wide with Mimi, Grandpa, Aunt Hillary and all of the Austin crew! There were so many people here to celebrate Ella's birthday that it brings tears to my eyes. Here are a few pics that were miraculously snagged on my camera (though not by me). I'll be posting more as Aunt Charley gets them uploaded and sent over:

Ella and Aunt Erika:

Opening presents...

Eating birthday cupcake:

The day couldn't have been more perfect. I definitely will be posting pics of the party attendees when I get a chance. Ella slept one tiny hour the whole day due to the festivities.

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the bow lady said...

Can she get any cuter???????