Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Part I: Let's go back in time together....Friday, May 9th

Today is (was) Ella's birthday! She is officially one year old. Mom, dad and Ella shared a birthday breakfast of banana pancakes together:

Ella waking up to an overwhelming amount of balloons and attention from mom and dad:

Mmmmmmm, mmmm...

Ella stuffing too much in:

The rest of the day consisted of a morning visit from Aunt Charley and Miss Whitney (who came to help mom clean house for tomorrow's party....three cheers for Miss Whitney!) lunch with dad at his work and playing at home with mom until dad came home and we were all able to play together.

Now Ella rides in her big-girl, forward facing car seat and drinks milk from a sippy cup....my how things change in the course of a week!



Lindsay Leigh said...

I can't believe it. The change and transition are somewhat mind bogling. Take Joe for instance; from 12mo-14mo, he went from a little baby (nursing, sort of crawling)to a boy (walking, eating everything we ate, walking, and talking). I wanna cry just thinking about it.

Eat Your Vegetables said...

I totally agree. I feel like her transition began at 9 months and I don't even recognize the little toddler she has become. I love it!

The Littles said...

Happy belated birthday Ella! what a beautiful girl she is :) sounds like yall had alot of fun. Can't wait to see yall again.