Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friend's B-day and Breaking in a NEW SKIRT

This weekend is the best! Ella's friend Tabitha just turned one year old so we got to party down with her and a few other little friends. The theme was puppy dogs and kitty cats, hence the kitty ears Ella is sporting in all the pics:

Enjoying a dip with the birthday girl and her older brother, Joshua:

Cooling off in the wacky sprinkler:

Chilling in mom's lap in the shade after a long morning of playing hard:

Ella received a package in the mail from her Great Grandma Rosie and Great Grandpa Steve this weekend, too. It was a belated birthday gift of her own. It contained some cute clothes. One of which is this skirt in which Ella is dancing a little jig:

Nana should be here anytime...let the fun continue!

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