Monday, February 16, 2009

Catching up and Valentine's Day!

We had a terrific day at the park with the Villas on Thursday. My friend since high school, Lyndsay (and former college roommate), has started a mom's group for us to "Get a Grip" on everything from our schedules, finances, health, etc. It has been a wonderful introspective look into my life and it is good to hear God's wisdom on these areas and the experience of other mothers. I am enjoying it immensely, especially since the littles are all well cared for during our one hour lesson/talk and then we get to grub together afterwords. It is totally a win/win! This past Thursday Joshua, Tabby and Ella had some extra energy to burn after lunch so we made the trek to their local are some pics:

Ella enjoying a cinnamon roll from Upper Crust Bakery care of our friends Heidi and Sammy who had dropped by the day before with this sweet goodness and Valentines Day Wishes:

Ella and I are on this side of the see-saw and you can see Tabby and Lyndsay on the other side!

Joshua and Ella clowning around on the swings:

Valentine's Day was GREAT! Ella got a stroller for her babies and a Strawberry Shortcake kite. We have yet to try out the kite, but the stroller has seen some miles already. I went to work while Ella and Zach went on a bus ride adventure to HEB to score some donuts and a rose for me! Ella says the rose smells like candy and I caught her trying to lick it once. I agree that it does smell THAT sweet. That afternoon we got ready for our guests, the O'Baugh's. We planned to make heart shaped pizzas and sit out by the fire in the back yard. I'm so lame-o that I only took pics of the set up and NADA of our lovely guests whom we enjoyed so much and see so little:

Ella putting on her dad's hat and shoes during the day:

All of the sweet cards/gifts we (Ella) received this year:
(includes a tiny puppy from Nana and Grandpa and a very sweet little card from her Great Grandma Rosie, full of stickers!)

Reaching for her little puppy:

The spread, whole wheat pizza crusts, recipe is here & the toppings included: cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan cheeses, bell pepper, mushroom, black olives, pineapple, jalapenos, pepperoni, sausage, fresh tomato and red onion:

The kids' pies:

Harris, age 4, was a hoot. Ella thought he hung the moon and copied every move he made (sometimes to his dismay as he is an 'independent' older kid). He was very sweet with her. Whitney and Justin came bearing gifts from girl scout cookies and chocolate covered strawberries to a tutu for Ella and homemade soap goodness for me! We enjoyed making memories with the O'Baughs and intend on doing it again real soon : )


The Meurers said...

I love the Ella-in-daddy's-clothes pics! Oh, and the pizzas look great! I've never thought to make a few smaller ones, let alone HEART SHAPED ones! You're awesome. And, in an attempt at full disclosure, the cinnamon rolls were from Upper Crust. Though I'm sure those at Quack's are tasty, too :) Glad you liked them!

Eat Your Vegetables said...

Yowsers! Thanks for the 411. People need to know where to go to get this flaky, cinnamon/sugar coated goodness.