Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ella PICS!

I have tons to say, but I'll save it for later and just post up recent park/around the house pics of Ella. Much belated, sorry.

Mug I used for the 20 valentines "we" made this year:

Play date with Sammy:

Wearing Daddy's hat:

Walking around Town Lake after the museum on a lazy Sunday afternoon:

THE playhouse:

'nother angle:

Very important with her badges and mommy's pashmina:

Reading before bed all by herself:

Sad face (note: next picture was a happy face...don't know why she was sad that one second):

Playing with window cling-ons:

On a crazy swing at the park:

On a crazy circle-thingy at the park with Aunt Charley:

At the park (moments before "D" went missing for a couple hours...please see "date night" story for additional details below)

Climbing the stairs to the slide:

Play date with Zoey!:

BADLY in need of a haircut...we'll be calling Auntie Heather soon:

I've had a special request for a recipe so stay tuned for Cranberry Scones coming soon!

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Lindsay said...

Okay, we definately need to come visit so I (I mean the kids) can play is Ella's awesome play house. And the Parks...very cool! Looks like yall have been having all kinds of fun. I love Ella's sad face picture.