Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tiny Toes and Scones

Weird title, huh? Well there is more than one thing I want to talk about here and I didn't know what to call it. Anywho, today as I was filling the washing machine with Ella's little things and grumbling to myself because I have to spray-n-wash EVERYTHING, I came across this sock:

Needless to say it made me smile and it made my heart hurt thinking about how much she means to me. It is literally inexplicable! Even when she is a stink, like running around outside in socks/no shoes...guess who taught her that one (*super hint: Zach). I love this girl:

Onto a recipe note: There has been much, scratch that, just Heidi has asked that I share my scone recipe. I didn't come up with it, but I did find it first : ) It is for Dried Cranberry Scones with a hint of orange zest and I have to admit it is YUM! What???? You don't bake? Me neither, traditionally, but it is because I don't know how to follow directions and in baking it is MANDATORY. I always throw all the ingredients in the bowl and start to mix before I get to the "Set your oven to 350 degrees." Yikes! This recipe has it broken down so that the ingredients are listed and then some directions and then more ingredients and more directions...I love that! I need all of my baking recipes translated this way. Forget that because then I'd feel compelled to bake more.

I want to add that I only use real unsalted butter, no margarine, and grind it all in with my hands until it is like little pebbles. It is fairly easy and relieves a little stress, too. Also, it suggests cutting each pie into six pieces...well, maybe that is satisfactory for the birds at the New York B&B where this recipe is from, but I cut mine into four pieces and sometimes eat TWO. I don't really time the cooking, either, I remove them from the oven when the house smells great and they are golden on the top. (My problem with following directions is obvious from this last statement, but it works for this recipe) Here are some pics to wet your appetite:


The Littles said...

Fun hint about buttermilk that I just learned (and Probably EVERYONE in the world knows and just didn't tell me....thanks!): add 1 tbsp lemon juice to every 1 cup regular milk (add lemon juice to measuring cup first so that lemon juice + milk= 1 cup) and let it stand 5 min and POOF! buttermilk. I hate buying buttermilk, so I love this. Can't wait to try this!

Eat Your Vegetables said...

Great tip, Katie! One more thing, you should use parchment paper under these bad boys while they bake. They peel off like a dream, no mess! You can see from my photo that I was out..ugh.

The Meurers said...

YAY! Thanks for posting your super-duper scone recipe! I can't wait to make some.

The Meurers said...

I made 'em, and they were SCRUMPTIOUS! Thanks!