Monday, April 28, 2008

Bathroom Renno, Part Deux

I cannot wait for this "little project" to be complete.

Floor prep for the new tile consists of: removing existing laminate, removing adhesive from said laminate through back breaking scraping technique, removing vinyl tile that has warped from water damage in the bathroom over the 40 years of it's lifespan, replacing the removed vinyl tile panels with new ones (requires some creative cutting), patching leftover holes/dips with floor patch (wet cement). Once this is complete we can start the "oh so easy" 3-step process of adhering, grouting and sealing the new ceramic tile.


This has turned out to be a smelly process, so we have had to improvise with bath time:

It is times like these that I am happy we live in a tiny house. If that bathroom were 20 more square feet we would not be undertaking this project. Luckily, Ella doesn't mind the mess. You might even say she is used to it ; )

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yes, your comment did help! Definitely some focus-shifting going on here :)