Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Laundry and a Special Gift..

Today was laundry day, ugh....

Ella took it all in stride:

My favorite part of laundry day..the tiny clothes on the line!

What's this? A gift for me? Is it my birthday?

From Auntie Linda!



Yay, Crocs!

Thank you, Auntie Linda!!!

It is a little known fact that Ella not only enjoys wearing shoes, but will carry them around in her arms for a good deal of the day. When I line up her shoes on a shelf and she spots them, it makes her smile : )

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The Meurers said...

Love it! She is so cute and such a little lady. Sorry we missed you guys this week, but we're so looking forward to catching up next week. Give that Ella a smooch from me and Sammy!