Monday, August 18, 2008

"Oh, she is SO well behaved."

Ha! This is what I heard when the family attended a cocktail party on Saturday evening. I wanted to burst out laughing. Picture this, I am carrying Ella (in a magnificent dress) through a crowd of people in a small candle lit room filled with fancy glasses containing fancier drinks and there are comments flying: "She is so beautiful." "Look at those curls." and then *gasp* "She is so well behaved.". Don't get me wrong, the sweet words were very much appreciated, but the bottom line is that she is ONE. She doesn't know what "behaved" means nor is she anywhere close to being able to pronounce this word. Really she is stuck on the repetitive single syllable words like, mama, dada, kiki (aka kitty, kitty), etc, etc. This comment has had me giggling for two days. Maybe I'm is possible, but I'm chuckling inside just thinking about it now.

Sorry, no pics of our cocktail evening, which really consisted of us playing in the backyard with the beer drinkers. It was a fun experience and Ella was being good, as is her M.O. when there are new things to see and do and lots of attention to be had.

I have actually started some projects and I'll try and get some pics/how to's up soon in case you are feeling the itch like me. I feel "complete" when I am being creative and I should make the effort more consistently, but it always seems to fall at the bottom of my list of things to do. You know how it is.

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