Sunday, August 3, 2008


I'm so addicted. Before I got preggers and craved McD's fries the first month I would have said it had been YEARS since I had been there. After that first month of pregnancy I stayed away..."they don't make anything I can't live without". Those days are LONG GONE. I'm in love, true love. My order: "One medium vanilla iced coffee, please!" The price: $2.05.

Here is the deal, I loooooove coffee. I couldn't get by without it...I mean, Ella's childhood would not be as fun-filled if I didn't have it. I can wake up a grumpy-grump, still managing a smile and a song when I see my baby-dolls bright, shining face, but as soon as Ella has her breakfast I brew up a cup and the transformation begins: I'm light on my feet, the dirty dishes and floor that needs sweeping don't bother me and with this energy-packed feeling I'm sure I can get to both today anyway! Yeppers, I'm addicted.

In fact, I run a no-splurge budget (the $1 bin at Target doesn't count 'cause I can get cool stuff for Ella there that makes us happy for weeks : ). Pre-baby I loved Starbucks, but found it difficult to justify the expense. My sister hooks me up with gift cards and I have a favorite, FAVORITE drink there, too: dirty chai on ice w/ soy....YUMMY! If you haven't tried it and are a caffeine fein like me, you HAVE to. I've suggested it to others and they loved it as much as I do. I obviously cannot afford this amazing $5 concoction on my budget, but I can pretty easily talk myself into spending the $2.05 on the Mc'D's McCrack iced coffee version. On really exhausting days I don't have to do any convincing...I promise myself the drink just to make it through the early morning.

Am I weak for giving into this temptation? probably. Do I beat myself up about it? NO. Life is too short and, besides, I NEED IT!


The Littles said...

How could I judge you? I usually get the LARGE atleast 3-4 times a week! (btw- did you know you can get sugar free vanilla?) Our "splurge" is only $2.00. Don't beat yourself up. (by the way, what is a "dirty" chai? I usually get nonfat iced chai latte)

The Meurers said...

Coffee=Loveliness in a cup. I'm somewhat of an addict, too, though I try to stay away from the caffeine once noon rolls around. Otherwise, sleep eludes me. Have you tried the Iced Horchata Latte at Thunderbird? It's mucho tasty!