Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bathroom Rennovation

What have we gotten ourselves into? Easy stuff turns out to be hard, hard stuff is totally doable. Home improvement is definitely not our strong suit. It started off with replacing the sink. I wanted a pedestal sink...well, after the purchase of said pedestal sink we realized that our off-centered drain line wouldn't allow for it. That was alright...I'm a gal who can roll with the punches. I got another cabinet sink..."euro-style", of course. I guess that fancies it up a bit. I have already left out the part about ripping out the old sink months ago so that we are completely without a bathroom sink. Under the old bathroom cabinet was the old floor. We would need to update the floor, too so that the room would flow nicely. I decided we needed to do ceramic. Do we know how? No. Were we willing to try? Kinda.



Now, I have added bead boarding the lower half of the room, replacing the old medicine cabinet with a more contemporary (though still cheap) mirror and throwing on the bucket of paint I bought for the room 2 years ago upon purchase of the place.


PAINT (Herb Garden Green):

Paint is done. Bead board is 1/2 done. Floor is 1/5 done. Sink is being installed as I type. Trim work, wall hole patching (from old medicine cabinet space) and fine tuning also still on the list. Please, wish us luck and harness all of your carpentry energy our way.

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