Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hello to you, whomever you are. I am new to this gig, though I have several favorite blogs that I read and learn from each day...err, weekly. I want to start this thing off with a *BANG*, so here goes nothin':

Mmm,hmmm, that is only my favorite girl with her bubble goatee. She wants to be just like her dad and that would be alright with me, sans a real hair goatee.

If that wasn't *BANG-Y* enough for you, then the rest of the junk I have to say/capture in this space might not be up to par either. If, on the other hand, you enjoyed my *BANG* you should stay tuned and don't forget to EAT YOUR VEGGIES!

1 comment:

misspearland said...

That Is so CUTE! We Can't wait untill family reunion, so we can see you guys!
The McDaniels