Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today, I am 30.

No complaints here. I certainly don't feel any different. I started the morning with Zach bringing me flowers in bed, along with his gift of a big 'ole bag of Starbucks crack (oops, did I say that?)...correction, coffee. Then Ella woke up with a giant smile and a song in her heart, per usual. My sister came over shortly thereafter and we scooped up my very preggie girlfriend Stephanie for some Kirby Lane pancakes...mmmmm, mmmm! They were wonderful. Steph and Charley wrestled over the check and it might have killed my pancake buzz, but Charley had just presented me with *bling* a new diamond necklace! WOWSERS! I totally love it. Here it is:

After breakfast Charley, Ella and I hung out around the house and in the backyard.

Here are Charley and Ella, racing to tell me Happy Birthday : )

Here they are listening to birds in the backyard.

This afternoon I was showered with cards and phone calls from family and friends. Zach, Ella and I ended the evening with dinner at Hut's Hamburgers and a milkshake to boot! So, maybe I gained a few pounds today, but I don't have to watch my "girlish" figure anymore because now I am a WOMAN!

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