Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not quite shorts, Not quite pants

They are capris for babies! I think Ella sports them very nicely, don't you?

She has been killing me with cuteness all day! I dumped some things fresh from the dryer on the couch and returned to the garage to put the next load in the dryer and returned to Ella wearing my nightgown. I have NO IDEA how she wrangled it on while standing. She has never even attempted to put something on before...that I know of. I was gone *maybe* 45 seconds.


Brad said...

I love the stripey socks too!

The Littles said...

That is hilarious! She is a cutie! where do you find baby capris?

Eat Your Vegetables said...

I got the capris at Target. They were even on sale!

the bow lady said...

Marlie will do the same thing--too fun!!!!