Monday, June 2, 2008

Family Reunion

We had a terrific time this past weekend. It started a little early when Juanita, Andrew and baby John came to visit Austin and we headed over to Frank and Angies to share a couple pies:

Friday included more fun with the Thomas's when we met early at Barton Springs and ended the afternoon with crepes from Flip Happy Crepes. Juanita had seen it on the Food Network and was dying to go. We live here and had no idea this little nugget of goodness was in our backyard. The crepes were delicious and I'd recommend it to anyone. The Thomas clan headed back to Wimberley (the site of the reunion). Here is a great pic of John at the crepe joint:

After Zach got off work, we packed up the car and drove to the 7A Ranch. It was only an hour from our house, so that was convenient. The scenery couldn't have been better and we were only a stone's throw from the river. Ella had a blast with all her cousins:

I'm excited for Ella to get to know all her cousins and for her to look forward to seeing them, just like my sister and I used to do.

The weekend went well, but Ella is growing impatient with being little and starting to assert herself. I don't know if I am ready for this feisty little one, but ready or not, here she comes! Wish me luck and drop me some words of wisdom if you have some to share.

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The Littles said...

how fun! crepes sound really good, maybe we need to make a trip to Austin.... :) good luck with your feisty one... I have no wisdom, but I hope you get alot of it so that you can share it with me when my time comes!