Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Family Time

I've disappointed a few of Ella's fans and for that I am sorry. I am now making an attempt to mend the tattered bridge so that we can all be friends again. Here are some pics from Sunday's family canoe adventure:

This would be the captain of the vessel, A-town in the background.

Daddy, AKA Row Master, in the back of the boat.

Here I am. My list of canoe duties included: sunscreen application, picture taking, keeping the kid from jumping out of the boat, pointing out all wildlife, giving the cue to say hi to other canoes as they passed and trying not to move so that the canoe didn't flip!

Ella discovering:

If you are ever in Austin, we highly recommend this trip via canoe.

After the HOT adventure on the water, we decided to chill in the shade of the playground for a bit before heading home for a nap.

A note about this last picture: Ella and her dad play the "keep away" game and Ella loves it (obviously by the pic). I have noticed Ella attempting to play it with other children, but they don't like the game. When she is playing it, it looks like she is trying not to share and she gets totally confused by her little friends' lack of enthusiasm. I feel so bad because we taught her this game. I think it may be time for a new game...

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Donna said...

So glad you found your computer! Keep those pictures of adorable Ella (and parents)coming. You're forgiven. :)