Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Going back in time to our visit with MIMI

A couple of weeks ago we attended the graduation of my little bro, CONGRATS NICK! Since Zach had to travel for work the following Monday through Wednesday, Ella and I extended our time down with my family through Wednesday also. It was loads of fun. My mom took off work. My sister Hillary was out of school for the summer so she was our sidekick. One day we visited the Bayou Wildlife Park in Alvin. It was a blast!! I couldn't believe how accessible the animals were and everything would eat right out of your hands! Here is a pic of a very exotic and rare beast:

HA! GOT YOU! Here are a few more:

Aunt Hillary animal.

This one is so my fave: Mimi and Ella having fun together.

Here is an ostrich gobbling up the food we gave to him.

Let me give you a little background on Aunt Hillary. She doesn't want children (which is good because she is only 17). She doesn't like them so much. By the end of our stay here were the inseparable pair:

Of course, I don't have pics, but Ella would snuggle with her in the mornings to try and wake up Aunt Hillary (who is NOT a morning person and actually took over my position as the grumpy goose in the house during the A.M.).

I cannot end this post without this following pic of Ella rolling with her Great Grandma Dacey (GG):

The trip was great, the car rides were great and it was REALLY GREAT to see dad again!

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