Monday, June 23, 2008

Stealing is why did I do it?

Ok, let me clarify this title. I was in Walmart today (don't tell my sister because she is TOTALLY anti-walmart and I get that, but if it allows me to buy more food for my family, I have to be for it...ugh)...back to my story...I was in Walmart today, this evening really, to pick up some chocolate chips to make oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies...YUM!..and I thought I'd pick up an extra package of shaved turkey meat for lunches this week. I am in the super-duper, lightening-fast express lane (ha! no, really it was 'cause I walked right up to check out) and the boy checker asked if I was making cookies. I said (waaaay too excitedly, cause I could already taste the warm cookies melting in my mouth..and the cookie dough, too) "YES!!!" He proceeded to scan and bag my 2 items, but wait..he only scanned the chocolate chips and not the turkey. I'm trying to ponder this in my mind when he says, completely nonchalantly, "I gave you some free ham." My initial reaction was total embarrassment. Don't ask my why 'cause I don't know! I paid the man, err, boy and thought I was totally going to be busted and even more embarrassed. I walked out the door just kicking myself, "what is the right thing to do here?" I sat in my car, "What is the right thing to do here? Stealing is wrong! What if I was recorded by that TV show to catch a thief or something?" I drove home, "I could have told customer service, but then the kid would likely get fired and I didn't want that to happen." The manager in me thought: "I should have told the boy that it is important to do his best at his job and if he wants a better one then he will need a good recommendation." Now (an hour later) I am thinking, "What if Ella was older and she had been there? I have to be a good example for her."

Help me out here people. I pose this question: What would you have done? I appreciate any feedback I get. This will weigh heavy on my mind for a while. I know myself too well. Over and Out.


Lindsay said...

Next time tell the guy you would like a price adjustment instead. Then he'll match the price of your item to the competitors sale price. Then you both win! You can always go back to customer service and tell them what happened. I'm sure you won't be arrested...well, I hope not. :) OR next time you buy some turkey have the guy scan it twice to make up for the "stolen" turkey. My creative juices are flowing; I could go on all day!

The Littles said...

hmmmm...for the sake of my own guilty conscience I probably would have said thanks, but go ahead and scan it! A few months ago I was leaving Walmart and realized I had some ribbon in my shopping cart that was literally $1.12 that I had overlooked and hadn't paid for, and I drove an extra 15 minutes back to Wal-mart (by the way, I'm with you on disagreeing with them but still having to shop there...) to pay for the stupid ribbon. Don't sweat it this time and be prepared for next- that's all you can do :)